The goal which gives meaning to Ludalia is to share with society the different capacities of these people and their right to leisure and culture through inclusive activities and projects.

Promote leisure activities as a means of adaptation and inclusion in society of people with intellectual disabilities and as a generator of various skills, feelings of pleasure, friendship, spontaneity, fantasy or imagination, to enjoy, creativity, expressiveness and personal development.

Values Youth Prize 2008

Impulsa Award 2010

The Foundation

Born in 2001 as a non-profit and registered under No. 1604 in the Register of Foundations Justice Department of the Catalan Government, intends to respond to years of anxiety and needs of young people and adults with intellectual disabilities and their families, in terms of social isolation in which they find themselves.

Their determination is the need to ensure cultural rights, the right to a quality leisure time, the right to social inclusion and the right to a dignified life, this group at risk of exclusion.

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Antoni Muñoz Xancó

Industrial enginyer


Consol Ferrer Santonja

Diploma nurse and physiotherapist


Anna Creus Llebot

Social educator

Carmen Gordillo Pizarro


Amaia Hervàs Zúñiga

Medical child and adolescent psychiatrist. Center Coordinator Psychiatry MUTUAL of Terrassa and the Institut Dexeus. Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in London.

Francisco Lledó Moreno


Josefina Machado


Anna Rosa Sisquella

Businesswoman DAGOLL DAGOM group

Jordi Tudela Fernández



Federated entity to Dincat